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100 SMS Messages
100 Phone Calls
100 Emails


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300 SMS Messages
300 Phone Calls
300 Emails


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1000 SMS Messages
1000 Phone Calls
1000 Emails


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3000 SMS Messages
3000 Phone Calls
3000 Emails

Frequently Asked Questions

How are text messages counted?

Each time you send a message to one of your contacts, that counts as a message. If they respond, that also counts as a message.

How are phone minutes counted?

Each time you initiate a phone call, that counts as no less than 1 minute. You are not charged any additional time until after a recipient answers the call or a voicemail is left. You are not charged while the call is ringing.

Are there limits on the number of contacts I can have?

No, we don't limit you on the number of contacts you have in Actovos :)

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We take data security very seriously. Actovos exists within ecosystems that US Government tools exist in; meaning your data, and your audience’s data, is highly secure.

Can I customize the notifications going out?

Of course! You can create a template to be reused or send custom one-off notifications as well.

Am I locked in to a commitment?

No, you can cancel anytime. We will hate to see you go but your subscription will finish the billing cycle; until then you will be able to access your account and send notifications.

How do I get support?

You can fill out the form HERE or email us at

Will my data be sold?

Absolutely not! We do not sell your data to any third parties. We may use your usage data to help us provide better service to you and others but we will never sell your data.

Can I send links or pictures in notifications?

You may send links but we do not currently offer notifications with pictures embedded. Contact us to check back in regarding this feature.

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