A web and mobile application that streamlines the process of connecting foster parents with children in need.

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Experience what Actovos has to offer

Intuitive Design

Just because our clients are State Agencies doesn't mean our software has to look like it was made in the 90's. Actovos uses the latest in design standards to create an easy to use software.

You're in control

Gone are the days of having to reach out to us to have to add a new user or agency; Our customers are in charge of their organizations from day 1.

Highly Customizable

We've built our system to have an extremely strong core that can be extended to satisfy your needs. Give us your best shot, we can handle it.

iPhone with Actovos app in browser

How it Works

During a placement, children, foster parents, and child welfare specialists are under a tremendous amount of stress. With Actovos, we aim to reduce that stress by removing some glaring pain points. Actovos puts necessary information in the palm of your hand. We'll show you how.

Search Location

Our customers are able to quickly search for potential foster parents based on physical address, city, zip code, or even school district. They are also able to add filters to searches like “CPR Certified“ or “No Pets“ if the child has allergies. Actovos is tailored not only for your needs, but also the child.

Reach Out Now

Now that you have a list of potential parents, reach out to them right away. Draft an SMS, phone call, or email within Actovos and send it to a select few, or all of your results. Potential parents can reply to let you know their availability. Our system also sends follow up emails to parents that said they were availabe but weren't selected so they don't worry.

Up To Date Statistics

With Actovos, you're empowered to make informed decisions. Know when your busiest times are, where you're making the most requests, and how quickly you receive responses. Need something more specific, let us know and we'll work on it together.

Enter your email and we will reach out!

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